C. Mitchell Waycaster

President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Waycaster has served as our and the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer since May 1, 2018, and he has been President of the Company and the Bank since January 2016. Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Waycaster was our Chief Operating Officer since January 2016. Prior to being named President, Mr. Waycaster was our Executive Vice President since February 2003 and a Senior Executive Vice President since June 2005. He served as Chief Administrative Officer of the Bank from April 2007 to January 2016. Mr. Waycaster served as President of the Mississippi Division of Renasant Bank from January 2005 to April 2007; previously Mr. Waycaster served as Executive Vice President and Director of Retail Banking of the Bank from 2000 until December 2004.